Travel Tips: 5 Things to do in Bali when it’s raining

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In a lush tropical island like Bali one can expect that at some point in the year, the monsoon season will arrive. And when it does, it becomes a total bummer because it gets a lil bit tougher to do all the outdoor activities we love like chilling at the beach, swimming, surfing, and even to go out shopping. But fret not, there’s always something indoors to do in Bali and it’s just a matter of deciding what your personal interest is to get these activities going. So here are five interesting ideas you could try doing if you happen to be on holiday during the rainy season of Bali!

yoga barn retreat bali ubudImage taken from Yoga Barn Ubud

1. Attend a Yoga retreat

The awesome thing about yoga is it can be done anytime, anywhere. So if you’re the get fit kind try attending a retreat for a few days to help keep the mind, body and soul in check. We recommend Yoga Barn up in Ubud as it has various workshops that you can attend daily. Or alternatively if you prefer to remain down south in Kuta area, there’s also Surf Goddess Retreats right in Seminyak area which has been featured in various fashion and spa magazines including Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Asia Spa.

Gamelan lessonsImage taken from Mekar Bhuana Conservatory

2. Learn to play the gamelan

If you’re into something cultural and music related, why not learn a little bit about the Balinese gamelan? Often played for important rituals as well as cultural performances, its melody is unique compared to Javanese and Sundanese style of gamelan. The various instruments in the ensemble will give you a first hand experience understanding Balinese culture and music and probably turn out to be a cool thing you can tell your friends you did on the island too! We recommend the Mekar Bhuana Conservatory located in Denpasar for a choice of interesting workshops.

pool at the deckImage taken from The Deck, Petitenget

3. Play some Pool with friends

If you’re not a really the cultural kind, perhaps we could interest you in a game of pool? Its definitely fun to play with friends and family and is available in various places whether you’re down south in Kuta or up north in Ubud. And even if you don’t know how to play you could always use this opportunity to learn! We recommend The Deck in Petitenget as it has more than one table which gives you a better chance to play compared to a few other options in the area. Alternatively, there’s also The Melting Pot up in Ubud which also holds tournaments if you’re in it to win some cash.

studio perak ubudImage taken from Studio Perak Ubud

4. Learn to make silver jewelry

If you enjoy DIY there are some pretty awesome jewelry making schools in Bali that may interest you during your stay. As Bali is known to have really intricate craftsmanship it was only natural for people to head over to this island to seek inspiration and knowledge on this skill. So if you’re looking to grow your DIY skills, try heading over to Studio Perak Ubud for a short course on making silver jewelry.

cool spa salon baliImage taken from Cool Spa & Salon

5. Pamper yourself in a Spa

Last but definitely not the least, if you really just want to switch off and chill Β the best thing to do in Bali when its raining is to definitely get a massage treatment at a spa. There are so many amazing places to try out be it in the Bukit or Seminyak or Nusa Dua or Ubud its hard to tell you which one to go to! But okay, here are some of our favorites down in Seminyak area that we find good in quality and decent in price – Cool Spa and Salon in Seminyak (has a unique spa experience) and Le Beaute in Kerobokan (great service for an affordable price).

Got any other activities you’ve done during rainy season in Bali? Share them with us in the comments section! πŸ™‚

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  1. Love this post. I live in London but was born and brought up in Indonesia. There’s nothing more relaxing than a tropical rainstorm. Rainy days when I was a child I would sit with a man that painted eggs at La Taverna in Sanur (he’s been sitting there painting every day for about thirty five years).
    I write about Indonesia and other travelly bits on my blog (and some fashion stuff too) so check it out! xx

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