5 Beautiful Beaches To Visit in Koh Phangan

Editor’s note: As avid travelers, we often make good friends who are like minded and love sharing with us their travel tips and adventurous stories. Today’s guest post comes from one of our long time travel buddies AG who will be giving her two part series on Koh Phangan – starting with the best beaches to check out. Enjoy!



Welcome to Koh Phangan!

Spiritual and yoga retreats to ease your mind, body and soul, picturesque beaches to choose from to soak in the sun, parties all year round to appease that wild child in you– all rolled into one big, tropical paradise. Sounds like what you need? Well, I’ve got the perfect destination for you!

Positioned in Southeast Thailand in the Surat Thani province, Koh Phangan, a well-renowned destination for revellers, boasts more than just parties by beaches (not to mention parties in jungles, by lakes and waterfalls… the venue list goes on!).

It is an easy-going, sea-lover’s paradise, where beach-hopping, snorkelling, and seaside massages are the order of the day. The name Koh Phangan came from the word “Ngan”, the southern dialect meaning “sand bar” for there are sand bars offshore around the island. These sand bars are to be seen during low-tide, and they protect the island from the strong monsoon.

In Koh Phangan, your biggest worry would be to decide on which beach to lay your towel on (first world problem, much?) and which massage parlour to try out (yes, they’re right by the beach!). But here are 5 of my favorite beaches:

had yao long beach koh phangan

1. Haad Yao

Haad Yao, or Long Beach, is the perfect stretch for a mix of relaxation, good restaurants to choose from and a relatively composed party atmosphere compared to what you get from Haad Rin (where all the full moon parties are). That said, it could get vibrant and busy in high season (December to March).

You can take a nice stroll along this beach, with many restaurants dotting the way. Apart from filling your stomachs and quenching your thirst, these restaurants are also perfect spots to people-watch. Even on a cloudy day, you can see how crystal clear the water is!

secret beach koh phangan2. Secret Beach

I guess it’s not really a secret beach if there’s a sign that says “Secret Beach”…but it’s the perfect spot to read a book because of its calm waters and shaded areas.

bottle beach koh phangan3. Bottle Beach

Accessible only by boat, Bottle Beach is a fairly quiet beach on the north western tip of Koh Phangan. You can make this your day trip, or choose to stay there for a night or two in one of the few hotels situated by the beach. Before you head there, you get to see how clear the water is at the Chaloklum pier, where you get on your boat to Bottle Beach! We visited Koh Phangan during the off-peak season, so once we got there we literally had the beach all to ourselves.

haad khom thailand

On the way back from Bottle Beach, we dropped off a fellow beachgoer at Haad Khom. Looks like a nice beach and will definitely pay a visit on our next trip to this island.

malibu beach koh phangan4. Malibu Beach

Nestled between peaceful fishing villages, Malibu Beach is also one of my favourite beaches in Koh Phangan. Hey, it rivals the one in the States! Look at the mountainous backdrop!

plai laem beach thailand5. Plai Laem Beach

The resort that M and I stayed at was situated at the southern end of Plai Laem Beach, and boy, the views did not disappoint one bit!! Other beaches worth visiting are Ao Thong Nai Pan, Haad Saet, Haad Yuan, Haad Thian and Haad Salad among many others.

That’s all for my first post on my favourite beaches in Koh Phangan – stay tuned for my next post on Things To Do in Koh Phangan next week! Oh and if you’ve been to Kho Phangan, do share your experiences with me in the comment section. Would love to hear from you!


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