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Beach Style Idea: Road Trippin’ for Valentine’s Day

Candle light dinners, flowers and chocolates may be your usual thing to do with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but the Tanks & Kinis crew are usually looking for unique experiences and prefer something spontaneous and carefree – so this Valentine’s Day why not try something different and take your significant other on a […]

Beach Style Idea: Going Red for Lunar New Year

In case you didn’t know, the Lunar New Year begins tomorrow and we’re really excited to celebrate it! Being the year of the Horse, website HanBan.com advised us to expect some good things to happen this year for the Tanks & Kinis crew as we’re made of Oxes and Dragons! 😉 Ushering ourselves into this […]

Beach Style Idea: Pink Wednesdays inspired by Mean Girls

We recently read this article by Thought Catalog the other day and  just realized that the movie Mean Girls was actually screened in 2004  – which therefore makes it 10-years-old and had us think whoa! time seriously flies! We’re gettin’ old yo! 😛 So combining that nostalgic effect together with our weekly Beach Style Idea, we […]

OOTD: Swimming before 2014

Heading for a quick swim before we begin our 2014 featuring soon to be released top from Tahira Collection and swimwear from Maidenlove. Oh and not forgetting our fav sunblock from Sun Off a Beach! Stay tuned for it at www.tanksandkinis.com but in the mean time, what are you up to tonight? 🙂

OOTD: Beach Chic Monday

Keeping our 2nd last day of 2013 #chic with a bikini combo from Air Resort Swimwear and top from Suen Noaj. Get them both at www.tanksandkinis.com #ootd #fashion #beachwear #swimwear #bikini #suennoaj #airresortswimwear

OOTD: Sunset Drinks

Heading for sunset drinks this evening? The Latino dress by @tahira_collection would definitely look good for the occasion 🙂 get it at www.tanksandkinis.com at 10% off before it sells out!

OOTD: Sunny Beach Day

It’s a bright sunny day today in Bali and this would be perfect for the beach! Shop for the kimono cardigan by Air Resort Swimwear at www.tanksandkinis.com #ootd #beach #fashion #style #summer #islandlife #boho #chic