Why We Love Bali.

DSC_0864How many times have you been to Bali and still yearn to return? Once is not enough. That is exactly how Bali makes us feel and here are our reasons:

1)      Secret Beaches


While some enjoy the bustle, the rest of us prefer privacy. We can’t control how much busier a beautiful destination can get, but safe to say we’re still able to mobilize away from the herd, to find a secret sanctuary for some alone time. Search through a mobile map or simply wander off to a remote village and ask a local for ‘pantai’. If you’ve always dream of that private island experience or your very own hidden beach, look no further!

2)      Picturesque Sunset

2 (4)

Come 5pm head out to any coast or hilltop to wait for the best sky moment of the day – sundown. Enjoy the view while swimming in an infinity pool, jogging along the sea, meditating in solitary or drinking a cold Bintang with some chill tunes. How would you like ‘your daily sunset’ served?

3)      Love is in the Airphoto

Famous as a desired destination for honeymoon lovers, most lovebirds seem to dream of that wedding in Bali. Maybe it’s the Frangipani scent or Cempaka massage oil, but there is something romantically mystical about this island for that ignites our love chakras some pure sexy time.

4)      Mingle Single


On a contrary, if there’s ever a time to ‘take a break’ or experiment an open relationship, it is now and here in Bali. The social scene on this crazy isle is top class – from the swanky lounge bars to indie café events to boho beach gatherings or private villa parties. Whatever your persona may be, if you’re wild at heart and want to explore, bring on the eye contact game!

5)      Healthy living and wellness


Whether you’re a newcomer or expert in the new age lifestyle, this is one of the most sought after destination to discover, heal and balance your body, mind and soul. From hearty organic food to holistic retreats and fitness lessons – Bali’s rich natural environment is an inspiration and reminder to a healthier way of life.

6)      Shopping Haven

6 (3)

Come with an empty luggage because it’d be hard to resist or not browse through the stores along the streets of Bali. Whether it is international brands or local craftsmanship fashion that you’re seeking for, this is a gateway for island themed production, making it a crucial hub for trading and a popular base for home grown designers.

7)      Imaginative Concept Venues

IMG_67506 (1)la favela 2

Be it cool interior design or chic architecture, if you’re an artist or entrepreneur seeking for a muse, this is your shrine. The stylish ambiance of restaurants, resorts or casual hang out places are bound to inspire you to have your own establishment someday.  Like a magnet that draws people from different parts of the world, this land is an exhibition of world cultures.

8)      Sacred Balinese Tradition


For the spiritual enthusiasts, experience the authentic customs of the Balinese community which has been known to trigger divine emotions. The aesthetic combo of folk tale theater, traditional dances, daily prayer offerings and melodious ‘gamelan’ draws respect from its audience.

So tell us, why do YOU love Bali?

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  1. Thanks for showing off a side to Bali I haven’t seen so much of!
    I’ve only recently heard of Seminyak being a beautiful place to relax and get back to healthy living, as opposed to Kuta which is overrun with drunk tourists. Cool post! 🙂

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