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It’s back to work island lovers and to kickstart our January, we thought we’d introduce a few of our unique brands that we’re carrying so you could get to know them a lil’ better – starting with the very awesome Salt Gypsy.

Before getting an intro to Danny via email through our kind friend Savitri, we were already huge fans of Salt Gypsy because of what was going on in their blog. From sharing the latest stylish surf wear to interviews with surfer girls and surfing events happening around Bali and globally, we loved how the Salt Gypsy team wrote and would often look to them for inspiration on what’s rad in the surfer’s world.

But what stood out especially for us were the unique designs of Salt Gypsy’s bespoke surf leggings and cap sleeve rash guards which Danny started making because there seemed to be a lack of stylish surf wear for women. And compared to your typical surfwear, Salt Gypsy’s way of explaining her style gave us the impression that this chick is just super rad and is out to give us (especially for first time surfers) a cool look into the surfing world. It’s like she made us all stoked to wanna pick up surfing so we can wear what she designed! 🙂

And luckily for us (well, thanks to Savitri!), we managed to carry a couple of Salt Gypsy’s most-wanted stuff with us. Yay! But before you head over to our site to see what she’s got, here’s a little interview we managed to carry with Danny for all you ladies interested in learning how to surf. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been surfing for?

16 years

2. What’s the first most important thing that you think everyone should know before they start surfing?

Surfing is one of the most difficult sports to learn – it will be a lifelong affair so be patient and don`t give up when you feel frustrated.

3. Where are your favorite places to surf?

Maldives for the warm water and pumping reef breaks and New Zealand because it`s home and not many crowds.

4. What do you love most about surfing?

Feeling strong emotionally, mentally and physically. Finding peace and mental focus. It`s my meditation.

5. What kind of swimwear do you recommend when surfing? Bikinis? Or rash guards?

Onepieces – guaranteed to NOT fall off or pull down. Rashguards and leggings to cover up in midday sun.

6. What words of encouragement could you give to a first time surfer?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Learn how the ocean works (currents, tides, how waves are formed) as knowledge is power. Relax. You will only ever progress with determination, confidence and persistence.

So there ya have it – some wise words from an experienced surfer. Now the question is,  are you ready to get your first surf gear? Take that chance and shop for Salt Gypsy here and get a special 10% off by keying in the code SALTGYPSY. Valid till January 18th!

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