Beach Beauties: Pris and Eve from We-Like Bali

pris and eve in bali

This week’s Beach Beauties dedication lives a lot closer to home. We discovered them earlier this year while browsing through Instagram and adored everything they curated about Bali.

Sharing their love for what they think is amazing about this beautiful island, these two ladies are none other than Priscilla Rosmolen (Pris) and Evelien Riupassa (Eve) from visual collective blog

Whether it was sunset photos at the beach or them riding the waves or cute little restaurants they discovered or watching Snoop Dogg in Bali , we’re totally hooked on what Pris and Eve are sharing. It has got us pumped to go out and embrace what the world has given us  – absolute beauty.

pris and eve fun

Aside from their awesome pictures of what island life is like in Bali, Pris and Eve are also good samaritans for the community by promoting other local businesses that exist on the island. And if that’s not enough, they’ve used their own little online store which sells really cool art work by them called Coconuts Republic which gives back 10% of their revenues to the Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation.

So the next time you feel like you need a dose of Bali, head on over to’s Facebook to get the latest cool stuff on the island!

*Images taken from Facebook page

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