Beach Beauties: Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman from A Bikini A Day

natasha oakley and devin brugman ABAD

So we’ve got a confession to make. Sometimes we have girl crushes. Well okay, more like an admiration  for awesome ladies we discovered through the online world. We consider them an inspiration and muse to our daily island lives. These are the kind of girls that can walk on the beach and show that they’re confident, fun, intelligent and not to mention drop dead gorgeous and are making a difference in this world. Yes, it sounds like some super woman but believe it or not, these type of ladies totally exist.

Take best friends Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman for starters. These girls are like rock stars to us. They practically rule the beach in their bikinis. Yup! They started this super cute site called A Bikini A Day which idea was simple – to share their love for bikinis to the world by showing that every day should be bikini day!

natasha oakley in tori praver 2013

Natasha Oakley wearing Tori Praver Swimwear

Having both grown up with the beach just minutes away from their homes (Natasha from Sydney, Australia and Devin from Maui, Hawaii USA) these ladies not only know what bikini trends are out there but they also pay attention on what looks best on girls with curves. Taken from their own words Natasha Oakley wrote:

“Apart from our love for bikinis, Devin and I also created A Bikini A Day to promote the idea of women embracing their natural beauty. Devin and I both being curvaceous woman think its really important for woman all shapes and sizes to be able to feel sexy and confident in a bikini.”

And since the crew at Tanks & Kinis are all about embracing ones natural beauty, we absolutely adore the girls of A Bikini A Day for promoting this message.

devin brugman in acacia swimwear 2014

Devin Brugman wearing Acacia Swimwear’s 2014 collection

Featuring gorgeous brands such as Acacia Swimwear, Mikoh, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Indah Clothing and more, we consider these ladies as one of our main fashion gurus in the swimwear world. So if you’re ever in need of swimwear inspiration, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to get some ideas!

All Images were taken via A Bikini A Day.

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