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The story behind this week’s featured brand is truly special. Born and bred in Bali, designer of Air Resort & Swimwear Kasey Suwenda is an island girl who definitely knows what looks good at the beach. Being the daughter of Balinese surf legend I Wayan Suwenda who opened Bali’s Surfer’s Paradise which sells swim and surf wear for big surf brands like Oakley, Roxy, Reef, Quiksilver, Volcom, Kasey is no stranger to understanding what life on a tropical island is like. And lucky for us, she gave us a little bit of her time to talk about her work and where she draws her inspiration. Enjoy!

1. What’s the story behind the name of your brand? Why Air?

My amazing friend Kim Herben, she’s the one who helped me find the perfect name for the brand.

The name was chosen with care as it holds a double meaning. In English, air has connotations with the atmosphere and in Indonesia, it literally means water, So the combination of both reflects the inspiration behind this exotic collection.

The entire label is designed and handcrafted in Bali using limited edition cotton, satin and chiffon fabrics to ensure each collection is exclusive and one of a kind. A lot of thought has been given to each individual piece and they focus on sensual, youthful designs, as their main clientele range from teen girls up to middle aged women.

With this in mind, they create pieces that are fun, full of lively color, eclectic and glamorous yet also comfortable and practical so that luxury can easily be infused into day-to-day life. AIR products have been created with love and care and truly are essential for any exotic destination.

2. Where do you usually find your inspiration for your collections?

Hehe I know this sounds cliché but I find my inspiration everywhere I go. From the people I meet to my trips to the beach and spending alone time at my family farm in Canangsari – a lot of inspiration also comes from my Home (Bali). It always surprises me with new discoveries. I’m really blessed to be a part of the Balinese vibrant cultural and to be able to live on this Beautiful island.

Another big part is my mum =) and her closet because her closet is a library! haha. And when I go to fabric stores! I LOVE IT! My mind goes wild! I feel like the fabrics talk to me hehe. I also find inspiration from driving my motorbike while listening to music (just to make it clear I don’t use both of my earphones hehe). Listening to a good chill out playlist (the playlist create) while having my Bali kopi/ my double espresso =) gives me the extra creative process a kick.

3. Tell us about your Summer 2014 collection? Which one is your favorite piece?

My Summer 2014 collection is called PULAU(Island) and this collection is about isolation/escaping because sometimes being alone its good thing. It’s a reflection time. It’s a time to learn to listen and understand your intuition. CLARITY.

It’s also about exploring the changes and the possibilities on the Pulau, embracing the new possibilities and appreciating the beauty of the Pulau (mother & father nature). You will see this reflection from the color and prints choices I have used in the collection.

I’ve used a mix of flower prints like orchids, lotuses, roses and lily which respectively aim to symbolize love, beauty charm and purity. I also thought that having prints of swallows and elephants would showcase freedom, hope, strength, stability and patience.

Most of the colors of the PULAU collection are very reflective such as black, white, navy, turquoise, yellow, purple and some pink. I found these colors to combine well to signify a series of moods including wisdom, enlightenment, intuition, peace, love, imagination, and happiness.

My favorite piece from this collection would be the Lee cardigan!

4. What do you like the most about living on an island?

What I love most living in on an island would be fresh coconut water and the beautiful beaches. =)

5. Tell us three things you can’t live without if you were to be stuck on a deserted island?

Knife, Lighter and a tent. I know you said 3 but I’ll put 2 more. I can’t live without my tolak angin & minyak kayu putih =) I get masuk angin a lot haha.

6. Any advice you want to give to aspiring fashion designers?

  • TRY and take the chance “ If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door – Milton Berle. It’s true though! Don’t sit around expect things to happen. If you don’t put any effort and energy into it nothing will ever happen. Go after your dreams =)
  • HAVE A GOAL PLAN. It is a good idea to create a 3 months – a year plan. So you know where you would like to be / your brand to be. Remember step by step. Don’t forget to have an open mind. Your dreams will take time. You will make mistakes, so be patience and embrace the learning process. Your determination will take you places and you will be really surprise =)
  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt. My all time favorite quote! Believe in your dreams and yourself.
  • BE GRATEFUL. Don’t forget the people who has helped, supported and believed in you. This would be family, friends and your team. Always be grateful for everything you have and the opportunities you have been given.
  • CELEBRATE AND ENJOY LIFE. We all get caught up on the “GO GO GO” process. Automatically we sometime forget to celebrate and enjoy achievements we’ve made especially the small ones. Remember to recognize and celebrate all your and your teams’ achievements.

Didn’t we tell you Kasey is special? Yup. And now for the best part! 😉

We’re having all beachwear and swimwear by Air Resort Swimwear at 10% off from today 21st January till 26th January! All you need to do is key in the code AIRSWIM10 at checkout to claim it. Yay! Shop now for all Air Resort Swimwear collections.

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