5 Quirky Ways to Wear a Bandeau Bikini Top.

5quirkywaysEver wondered how your bikini top can do more than protect you on the beach? Put your favourite swimmers to its full potential with these useful tips:

1)      Sports Bra Top

sports bra (9)For the active goers, make use of the quick dry material of your bandeau during workouts. Just a quick wash followed by hang dry preps it in time for your next day’s session!

Suggestion: Hook on a halter strap for better support & ease of movements.

2)      Knee or Elbow Protection Padsknee pads (3)Planning to learn how to long board or ride a bike for the first time? Safety first, best to keep your body secured for that first fall!

Suggestion: Use 4 pieces of bandeau for a full safety set.

3)      Turban or Head Bandhead band (4)Jazz up your hairdo or keep it neat by binding it up like a fashionable gypsy – ideal for both long and short hair beach babes who want to stand out.

Suggestion: Take out the pads so that it’s easier to shape and style.

4)      Sleeping Eye Masksleeping mask (2)After a late night out, all we really want is to sleep in through the morning. Shade the sun away for those extra hours of snooze in comfort!

Suggestion: Put a few drops of essential oil for that aromatherapy treatment.

5)      Neck Warmerneck warmer (7)Forget the scarf, come winter keep your beloved bikini in use by wrapping up from the cold. Or when the sun goes down and it gets chilly during your ride home from the beach, get your bandeau out and cover up that neck.

Suggestion: Match your colourful bandeau neck warmer with a collared, plain coloured shirt or jacket.

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