How to Upcycle Your Old Bikinis

We know sometimes you have that voice in your head saying “do not give in into temptation, you do not need that pair of bikinis!”- we all have that. Here, we have amazing ideas on how to revamp your old bikinis that you have kept away in the deepest ends of your closet.

1. Turn your two-piece bikinis into a one piece swimwear

two piece black bikini black-bikini

It’s no surprise that we have tons of black two-piece bikinis in our closet – it’s our holy grail. To make it look sexier you can sew lace on it and make it into a one-piece! Just be creative with the colour and textures you choose. You can also try macrame and upcycle from your pre-loved clothing.

2. Embellish your bikinis


You can turn something simple like this….


….into this! Just add on different types of jewels to amp up your old bikini and make it look like it’s brand new! You can use pretty shiny things like beads or seashells and get some DIY work done plus it can be very therapeutic.

3. Cut your one-piece swimsuit and turn it into something new


Bring out any one-piece suit out of your closet and a pair of scissors. Learn your body shape and know which parts to cut so your new piece will look BOMB on you. You can cut the one-piece and separate them into a bikini top and a high-waisted bikini bottom and ta-da! You have something new that no other person has- one of a kind.

4. Mix and match to suit your mood


Out of all the bikinis you have, here’s a simple idea – take two different pairs of bikinis and play around with them. Switch the top to match with another bottom and vice versa. You’ll be surprised with what you come out with. From idea number 3 also, after cutting the one-piece into a two-piece, you can take either the bikini top or bottom and match it with something else you have in the closet.

So here’s our take on how to upcycle your old bikinis and make it look brand new like you just bought it! It’s a piece of cake really, you just need to be creative and try different stuffs. Go crazy! ,Go ahead, have fun and tell us which ones worked for you. The bigger picture to it all is you get to help reduce wastage in the world just by learning how to experiment and play with your bikini collection using your creativity.Who knows you might secretly be a designer at heart.

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