4 Ways to Care for Your Swimwear

If it’s any skill one should pick up is knowing how to care for their swimwear. Okay yes it’s true, there are way more important skills we should acquire too but think of it this way – imagine the pain of seeing your favorite white bikini getting destroyed due to a run from some other dyed fabric which you mixed with in the washing machine. Oh the agony! And we know because we were once there.  So after years of owning a bazillion bikinis we’ve learnt what works best to care for our swimwear and decided to share with you. Enjoy the tips! 🙂

1. Hand wash it!

Forget the washing machine. It really doesn’t help save your swimwear. Especially when you’re mixing it with other clothing. We recommend hand washing all your swimwear because it’s as delicate as your undergarment and deserves your undying love and attention. So the next time you’ve used your bikini, get a pale and soak it in cold water for 20 minutes before cleaning it with a light detergent.

2. Use Body Soap/Shampoo

Speaking of light detergent, try using body soap or shampoo as an option to clean those bikinis. Using normal fabric detergent can be harsh for your swimwear. So think of them as precious babies that are highly allergic to your typical washing detergent. You wouldn’t want them to ‘react’ would you? :p

3. Dry them in the Shade

The harsh rays of the sun may affect your swimwear color to fade faster as well as mess up the fabric quality. So if you’re done washing them fine a nice airy shade instead to hang and dry. And for goodness sake, don’t event think of putting them in the dryer!

4. Store your swimwear in a separate bag

After your swimwear has dried, it needs a good place to be kept. Now if your swimwear has intricate detailing, it’s best to keep them away from any kind of hooks that can catch on the fabric. One of us had this sequin bikini once that got completely messed up when we decided to combine it with our bras – needless to say this is based on personal experience. If you don’t have much space, try then to keep the ones with intricate detailing in its own bag. That should work too! 🙂

So now that you have 4 of these steps, we hope your bikinis will last longer and look more fabulous every time you wear them! If you’ve got anymore tips, feel free to share them with us in the comments section. Till the next DIY tips!

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