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Wanderlust: 5 Must Visit Beaches in Thailand!

Dreaming of the ideal island getaway this summer? Here are 5 breathtaking beaches around Thailand that you must consider traveling to! 1. Phra Nang Beach  Phra Nang beach is also known as the “Cave Beach”. It is one of Railay’s four beaches, which is a small peninsula located in the south of Thailand. It gets […]

5 Beautiful Beaches To Visit in Koh Phangan

Editor’s note: As avid travelers, we often make good friends who are like minded and love sharing with us their travel tips and adventurous stories. Today’s guest post comes from one of our long time travel buddies AG who will be giving her two part series on Koh Phangan – starting with the best beaches […]

Travel Tips: 5 Things to do in Bali when it’s raining

In a lush tropical island like Bali one can expect that at some point in the year, the monsoon season will arrive. And when it does, it becomes a total bummer because it gets a lil bit tougher to do all the outdoor activities we love like chilling at the beach, swimming, surfing, and even […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Perhentian

Located around 20 miles away from north eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the Perhentian islands has been said to be one of the best islands to visit in Malaysia. And having been there several times and fallen in love again and again with the crystal blue waters and breathtaking underwater life, we have to say […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Langkawi

Officially known as The Jewel of Kedah, one of our favorite island destinations is this luscious tropical island located in the north coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It’s pretty accessible by plane as well as by boat with both modes of transportation available daily. Surrounded by 99 islands and a mystical historical background, there’s no surprise […]

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Why We Love Bali.

How many times have you been to Bali and still yearn to return? Once is not enough. That is exactly how Bali makes us feel and here are our reasons: 1)      Secret Beaches While some enjoy the bustle, the rest of us prefer privacy. We can’t control how much busier a beautiful destination can get, but […]

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