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How to Upcycle Your Old Bikinis

We know sometimes you have that voice in your head saying “do not give in into temptation, you do not need that pair of bikinis!”- we all have that. Here, we have amazing ideas on how to revamp your old bikinis that you have kept away in the deepest ends of your closet. 1. Turn […]

4 Ways to Care for Your Swimwear

If it’s any skill one should pick up is knowing how to care for their swimwear. Okay yes it’s true, there are way more important skills we should acquire too but think of it this way – imagine the pain of seeing your favorite white bikini getting destroyed due to a run from some other […]

Perfect Hairstyles for the Beach

Bored of having the same look, but not willing to change drastically? We have some fun and trendy hairstyles that you can try, for when you head out to the beach. These looks will look great whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair. Here are some simple and stunning styles. 1. Braids! Although […]

5 Nail Art Trends We Love!

Nail art is a great way to work with your imagination and creativity, and express your emotions on the 20 miniature canvases right on your fingertips and toes. There are tons of ways to decorate your nails, but here are 5 of our favorites: 1. Geometric Shapes! Go for an edgy look by creating geometric shapes […]

Favorite Natural Beauty Essential: Aloe Vera

As much as we love basking all day at the beach, it’s super important that we care for our skin and hair when exposed to heat and UV rays that the sun emits. And if it’s one thing we do enjoy – it’s to use natural plants that can turn into a miracle beauty product. So […]

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