Favorite Natural Beauty Essential: Aloe Vera

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As much as we love basking all day at the beach, it’s super important that we care for our skin and hair when exposed to heat and UV rays that the sun emits. And if it’s one thing we do enjoy – it’s to use natural plants that can turn into a miracle beauty product. So we started experimenting on Aloe Vera and found that this amazing plant has really done wonders for us when in dire need of healing our skin and even conditioning our hair!

Named ‘the plant of immortality’ by ancient Egyptians, aloe vera contains a ton of vitamins (E, C, A, folic acid, choline, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12) and has been claimed to help boost ones immune system, detoxify the body and even be a great diet supplement. And while the benefits of this plant are seemingly diverse, here’s three ideas you can try out with aloe vera that we’ve personally trialed and tested ourselves:

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1. Scar remover

When Tanks & Kinis Marketing & PR manager Nadzirah was ten, she got into a bicycle accident and fell on her face. It left a massive gash and devastated her ten-year-old self. Then her late grandmother gave her an aloe vera plant and asked her to apply it topically everyday. The scar healed within months and today you would’ve never known that she even fell on her face as the scar is completely gone! So consider trying it out if you have scars you need to heal too. 🙂

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2. Soothes dry skin

In between being in the sun and entering air conditioned rooms, it’s really tough for our skin to moisturize itself as both environments are prone to flake the skin out. So what  our graphic designer Diyana did was apply aloe vera all over her legs to keep it looking shiny and smooth – and it totally worked! Apply it after a hot shower to cool down the skin to have the best results.

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3. Hair conditioner

About a month ago, Nadzirah was asked to write an article on fashion portal Tongue in Chic about 3 Hair Care Treatments to try at home which turned out to be super fun. Looking for a remedy to reduce hair loss, the experiment she tried  invoved mixing 1/4 slice of aloe vera juice, 1/2 a table spoon of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of coconut oil.The next step was to apply the mixture onto the hair and leave it in for 20 minutes. After that all you needed to do was wash it off as usual during your shower. The verdict according to her left her hair super soft and smooth but would require one to try the treatment about 2 -3 times a week for it to work.

While we’re pretty sure there are more than 3 ways to use Aloe Vera at home, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this magical plant. So if you’ve got any other remedies you use with Aloe Vera, go ahead and share it with us at the comments section! 🙂

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